4 December

The era of professionally managed Real Estate communities is upon us.



After a successful launch in Mumbai, the International Real Estate Community Management Summit (IRECMS) will be coming to Bengaluru as a platform to drive conversations and dialogues among real estate thought-leaders on the concept of ‘professional community management.’

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The trend of building gated communities that offer a better, more luxurious and more wholesome living experience is on the rise in India, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. As we rapidly move towards community living, the ‘housing societies’ that typically exist will not be adequate to run and manage the interests of residents effectively due to lack of bandwidth, commitment and experience. It is inevitable that a team of dedicated professionals will be needed to manage the same on behalf of occupants, in residential and/or commercial spaces. IRECMS will serve as a platform to discuss and predict these future needs of real estate that will help elevate the entire industry to the next level of operations.

The future is a very exciting place for a country of paradoxes like India. It is estimated that by 2047, 700 million people in India will be living in cities. A McKinsey Global Institute report says the country will need 25 new townships or urban areas two-and-a-half times that of America to contain that population. Hence India needs new cities and re-developments of small towns to meet the future needs. One potential answer is to build smart, compact communities that are self-contained in all living needs. While India needs astonishing infrastructural development to support this vision, it also needs new skill and capacity building to be able to develop and maintain these novel spaces. IRECMS is designed to act as a platform to engage different stakeholders in the conversation on how to develop these future needs of the country.

IRECMS is being supported by the US-based Community Associations Institute (CAI), a 45-year old institute with more than 35,000 members. CAI has 63 chapters worldwide, including Canada, the Middle East and South Africa, and relationships with housing leaders in a number of other countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom. Both the CEO and the President of CAI will be attending and speaking at the IRECMS event. IRECMS also has the endorsement of Consejo General de Colegios de Administradores de Fincas de Espana (CGCAFE) which is the apex body that governs the community management profession in Spain. IRECMS will act as a forum for Indian thought-leaders to meet and network with the international gurus of this industry with a view to encourage, develop and provide world-class education for housing society, community association and property managers.

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Location: Hall 1, Building A , Golden Street , Southafrica

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Location: Hall 1, Building A , Golden Street , Southafrica

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Location: Hall 1, Building A , Golden Street , Southafrica

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Location: Hall 1, Building A , Golden Street , Southafrica

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