Benefits of Community Management to the real estate industry in India

Artists are excited when they see a blank canvas. They use this canvas to paint on it their vision of beauty and expression. They use it to tell their story which brings immense joy not only to themselves but to those who will own it in the future. Once the work of art is complete, it is often sold to the discerning customer who shares the vision of the artist. It is up to the owner to keep the painting in good shape to ensure its longevity and value. Unique pieces of art and those from the masters are often priceless and purchased by art collectors or museums who treat it with great care, ensuring it is always properly maintained and preserved to its original beauty. This ensures the work of art’s value is enhanced and is there for the long-time enjoyment of all. This is good for both the artist and owner as it continues to enhance the brand of the former and the value of the piece for the latter.

I look at the Developer in pretty much the same way as I do an artist. Developers look at a parcel of land as a blank canvas upon which they can build a beautiful building or township based on their vision. Every feature of this community will be his expression both aesthetically and functionally. Purchasers of properties in this development buy into the vision of the Developer. They are putting in a lot of faith into the project, not to mention their hard-earned money. Now it’s up to the owner of the property to maintain it. A real estate development is not just an ordinary piece of art, it has great intrinsic value not only because of its design but because it is a living work of art because people will reside, work and play there. Would you leave it to lay persons to maintain something of immense value that needs professional knowledge and skills?

For a Developer, brand and reputation is everything. He wants to ensure that his community is not only well maintained but its value is enhanced as the years go by to enable his valued customers to get a high return on their investment. The owner obviously wants his/her property to always be well managed, maintained and fetch a far better price than he/she purchased it for.

Who better to fulfill both these needs than the Community Manager. The Community Manager is a person who has been trained and tested to ensure the community is managed and maintained to international best practices and standards and in keeping with the best interests of the owners of the community.

While the role of a Community Manager is to implement the decisions of the Board or Management Committee of the community, the professional also administers the services, programs, and operations of the community and also provides much needed information, training, and, often, leadership to an inexperienced Board as it sets policies and makes decisions. Since these professionals are called upon to perform and oversee a wide variety of jobs, an effective manager must have a solid understanding of the principles of human resources, contracting, accounting, psychology, insurance, physical plant maintenance, education, government relations, board management, basic construction, and the laws of the land.

Having a professionally trained and qualified Community Manager on board is the Developer’s best bet to having his vision of a beautiful, functional community fulfilled. Not only can the Developer rest easy that his community is being well looked after now and, in the future, he can also be assured his brand and reputation will be protected. A well maintained and managed community will be the best advertisement the Developer could have, and this will enable him to sell more properties in the future.